Daniel Turner
Welcome to the musical universe of The Infinite Calling by Arkansas based ambient guitarist Daniel Turner. It has been said numerous times in many different ways that the path and the goal are the same. For Turner, The Infinite Calling is most definitely the path and the goal. It has been quite a long path, and Turner gives listeners some insight into the origins of the journey would become The Infinite Calling:

"I've always been fascinated by delay, reverb, and looping. Very early on in my musical life, around the early 2000's, I bought my first multi-effects processor, and it was during a late evening of experimentation with various sounds that I created my first infinite delay patch with a long reverb tail. As I was improvising with this effect, I eventually found myself in a deep meditative state. It was such a profound and enjoyable spiritual experience for me that I began to meditate with this effect quite regularly at home alone; especially on New and Full Moons. At the time, I was performing in a metal band, and never really thought much about creating and recording tracks of this type of music for others to hear. Performing these meditation rituals was such an intensely personal and transcendent experience for me that I felt no one would really understand what I was doing. I would occasionally show my fellow bandmates in the various bands I performed with, and while they appreciated what I was doing, this approach to playing guitar was never introduced in a band format for whatever reason. And so this went on for many years. In hindsight, I'm actually glad it worked out this way."

Fast forward to Fall 2011. It was during this time that Turner would be moved to create a musical gift for his wife that would eventually manifest into a full blown ambient guitar project:

"One night not long after my wife and I first got together, we were hanging out in my music room while I was playing guitar. I suddenly had the notion to jam with the infinite delay patch and she was instantly hooked by what she heard. She enthusiastically insisted for quite some time afterwards that I create an ambient guitar project using this approach to playing guitar. In December of 2011, she asked me to create a CD of this music for her as a Christmas gift. The result was a track I created called "Meditations on Infinite Christmas Musings". I don't think it will ever be released to the public because it's a personal gift to my wife, but the intent to begin recording and releasing these performances finally came into fruition.

By that point, she was familiar with what I did in the past in terms of meditating with this kind of music. We are both very spiritual people so it made sense for us to engage with formal ritual meditations during New and Full Moons; I played guitar during these ritual meditations and began recording these performances. What listeners hear is pretty much how everything unfolded musically during these meditations. Now that I have been doing this for a while, I have slowly but surely discovered and developed a deeply felt intuition to give this music to other people. If it helps them to meditate, pray, or heal, then the greater intent behind this entire endeavor will manifest. I'm now approaching this project in terms of how I can help and serve others with my music. We live in a time when more and more people are seeking out soundtracks to personal fulfillment and realization. If I can help others with that, then mission accomplished."

One year later, in December of 2012, Behold the Infinite, the debut record by The Infinite Calling was released to the public. Comprised of five full length live performances, Turner gives a bit of insight into the process and approach of creating the record:

"Behold the Infinite wasn't intended to be a record with carefully composed pieces of music. In fact, it's all in the spirit of improvisation; there really was no master plan other than to make a record of the soundscapes my wife and I meditate to as I play. When I meditate with ambient guitar, I'm going for the emotion, depth, and the sounds of the moment more than anything else. I'm inspired by what I hear as I perform, and what listeners hear is a sort of call and response between what I play and how it comes back to me through the delay, reverb, and loops. The Infinite calls through the music to me, and I respond to The Infinite accordingly. To meditate on that is to meditate on the transcendent that lies at the heart of all things.

Behold the Infinite is not an easy record. It's asking much for listeners to take the time to listen to such lengthy tracks, but then again I'm aiming for listeners who are into deeply immersive musical experiences. I think I pretty much broke every sensible rule with regard to a debut record: there are no short tracks for easy consumption, no preplanned structure on any of the tracks, no multiple tracks or multiple takes, and no high end production and mastering; however, that's not the point. It was an easy record to make. It's all very DYI and I'm proud of that aspect. The main point for me overall was to create Behold the Infinite and prove to myself that I could record, produce, and release a solo album on my own. And I did it."

What does the near future hold for The Infinite Calling?

"While I don't have anything planned out, I do have some very specific ideas about how I'd like to approach the next record. The improvised tracks will still be there, but that won't necessarily be the focus. I will probably incorporate multiple tracks with more layering. What's funny is I already have the album cover and the name for the album, but no music (laughs). I don't want to give any specific time frame for the next record, but I do want to release a full length record sometime in 2014. Meanwhile, I do have plenty of tracks that I recorded that didn't make the cut for the last album, and I will certainly release them track by track for individual downloading on my social media sites as time permits. I'm also open to live performance opportunities. I've done a handful of live gigs so far and would like to take what I do into the world at venues appropriate for the style of music I perform."

The Infinite Calling has been played on online radio outlets such as the Ambient Online Podcast, Astreaux World on Live 365, Spotify, and Pandora. For booking inquiries contact 8string7@gmail.com.

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